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Why Slush Puppie Makes Sense

Installing a Slush Puppie machine in your establishment can open the door to even more sales opportunities!

Slush Puppie is a well-known and trusted national brand with lots of appeal. Not only does the beverage attract kids of all ages, it drives purchases during off-peak impulse periods.
Slush Puppie provides comprehensive marketing and promotional support to draw traffic to your drink station. Our point-of-purchase materials are colorful and eye-catching.

Committed to excellence, we offer first-rate equipment and service:

Likewise, we eliminate concerns about the operation of your Slush Puppie machine by providing a thorough equipment maintenance program, a national distribution network, and factory-trained technicians to serve you.

Becoming one of our retailers means you'll have access to these great brands:

Slush Puppie

Our signature product is an intense frozen beverage that appeals to the young and young-at heart. Slush Puppie is considered the original non-carbonated frozen beverage. And with more than 20 FLAVORS available, Slush Puppie is the non-carbonated, non-caffeinated, non-fat treat of choice for both kids and parents.

Slush Puppie Plus

Slush Puppie Plus is a juice-based version of the original that comes in three types:

Slush Puppie Plus works great in schools, as well as any location looking for a more healthful beverage alternative.

Lanikai & Lanikai Fruit Fraze

Lanikai Premium Frozen Cocktail Mixers are the products of choice when looking for consistent, great-tasting, easy-to-make frozen beverages. Prepared with or without alcohol, Lanikai gives you the versatility to create a highly profitable drink menu. Lanikai is shelf-stable and its premium formulation keeps drinks from watering down. Your customers will go wild for the tropical Hawaiian flavors of Lanikai.

Thelma's Lemonade

Thelma's Old Fashioned Lemonade is a soft-frozen lemonade that is a perennial favorite in parks and attractions around the country. It's convenient - no squeezing required; it's profitable; and its old-fashioned taste is irresistible to consumers young and old.

Hawaiian Punch

How about a frozen Hawaiian Punch to increase traffic? This frozen version of the original one-of-a-kind fruit punch is a surefire way to reach the coveted teen consumer!

Soda Shop Slushers

For grown-up tastes, serve up the premium, creamy indulgence of these soda shop classics - made from well-known, loved, and trusted brands:


This frozen cappuccino is an adult drink with a rich, coffee-house taste. Attract sophisticated palates with money to spend!

Pacific Bay & Smooth-E

Pacific Bay adds an upscale and adult angle to frozen beverages with this premium line made from real fruits and juices. The low-fat and cholesterol-free Pacific Bay Smooth-E line extension offers a creamier option, with its fruity taste and non-dairy ice cream mix.


Cavianno offers a cappuccino escape whenever cold weather calls for a hot beverage.


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